Low Nest - The Farm

The Farm and B&B are run by Anthony and Angela as a separate business from the studios (run by Alison and John).
Angela - email:  bandb@lownestfarm.co.uk     Tel. +44 (0)17687 72156
Anthony - email:  ant@lownestfarm.co.uk

Low Nest Farm comprises 45ha (110 acres) of meadows and pasture lying between 500ft and 700ft above sea level.The land is mainly used for grazing cattle and sheep.In earlier years the farm had a dairy herd and one or two acres of arable producing potatos, swedes, kale. The kale and swedes fed the dairy cows in winter.

Although 110 acres is about the average size for a Lakeland farm it is too small to produce a worthwhile income and the farm is heavily reliant on EU grants. The main grant is the single farm payment SFP which is paid at a flat rate, currently  €195 per hectare (about 70 per acre)
Administration of the grants by the RPA is very unsatisfactory. By its harsh (and wrong) interpretation of the EU regulations the RPA is very unforgiving of errors in applications for grants - for example in 2009 the RPA withheld 3/4 of Low Nest's SF payment because we made an error completing the application form.

Feild plan with 1841 field names (from the tithe map)    (page under construction)

Farming in the old days.

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